Extreme Cut​

Cutter with sieve basket which cuts the straw lengthwise and crosswise. The result: a very short and soft straw material, with unsurpassed suction capacity. No problems on slats or in liquid manure canals.The bale must be pre-cut by the baler. Is available in these sieve sizes:

  • 12 1,5-3cm straw
  • 17 2-4cm straw
  • 23 3-5cm straw
  • 30 4-7cm straw
  • 40 6-10cm straw
  • 60 8-13cm straw

kapacitet Capacity with ø23mm sieve and 48 liters of oil 100 kg straw takes app. 15-20 minwhich is enough for app. 200 bed bays.

​It is still possible to straw with reamed strew through the other mouth everywhere it may be necessary such as calving boxes, calf pens with smaller deep litter areas.

So everything is done in one take, and much is saved compared to buying expensive straw material. See Excel spreadsheet towards the bottom of this page.

Here is a file which you may download so that you can adjust the data to your own farm and see how much you may save


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