​JBT Maskinværksted


Skanderborgvej 49,
​7171 Uldum

CVR.: 20833793

Phone: +45 40 50 73 46


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About JBT Machine Shop

JBT Maskinværksted has existed since 1998, the first 10 years it was only a part-time company, when Jens Therkildsen, who owns the company, was full-time employed as a workman at a production company.

With us, ideas become reality. We develop and build our own and others' ideas for machines & special components.

If you need to put your idea into practice, let us take a non-committal talk about your project.


Skanderborgvej 49,
​7171 Uldum

CVR.: 2083379

​Phone: +45 40 50 73 46