The straw machine that requires little space but has broad application!

 ​Skovbo Straw Machine 


The Multi Scraper is used for all scraping tasks

and is available in 2 models:

One with adjustable scraper width 

and one with fixed scraper width

 ​ Multi Scraper


This pallet turner turns pallets 90 degrees. 

It is without any kind of connections so it is easily moved to the exact place where you need to handle pallets. 

Pallet Turner

Machine shop with extensive experience​

Are you in need of a machine shop with extensive experience regarding the different machines used in farming?

Our machine shop has existed since 1998, and in 1999 Skovbo developed our so-called “strømaskine” in collaboration with farmer Jens-Christian Skovbo.

The machine spreads out the straw to your farm animals which makes the feeding process faster and more convenient.

As the popularity of the machine increased, we started producing and selling it to other farmers, and today the machine is still produced and sold by JBT Machine Shop.

Make your way of working smarter

Making farmers' lives easier with our machines has always been our priority, and this is for sure an area where our knowledge and experience have had a central role in the development of our different machines. 

However, we also have broad experience regarding other types of machines and installations. For instance, we do build and install things such as balconies, banisters, stairs, and so on, too.

Most of our customers come from our local area. We are placed right between Vejle and Horsens, but we do also have plenty of customers coming from Give and the surrounding towns.

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We develop different effects which function as additions to our machines, and our latest invention is a pallet rack which, without any power connection, makes handling pallets considerably easier.

We are always ready to help you out with whatever challenge you may have. All you have to do is to call us +45 40 50 73 46 or send us an e-mail​ JBTM@JBTM.DK, and we will do our best to help you out.

If you wish to receive a personalised offer from us, please let us know and we will make you one.

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About JBT Machine Shop

JBT Maskinværksted has existed since 1998, the first 10 years it was only a part-time company, when Jens Therkildsen, who owns the company, was full-time employed as a workman at a production company.

With us, ideas become reality. We develop and build our own and others' ideas for machines & special components.

If you need to put your idea into practice, let us take a non-committal talk about your project.


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